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Springtime in Canada is deck building time - make sure you’ve got your permit!

  • Posted by: Gilmedia
  • Date: 2016-04-29
  • In:  Acadia Tips

Once winter releases its icy grip, many homeowners are incredibly eager to get to work on their houses and yards. Of course, this goes beyond your average spring clean, and a deck is the perfect spot to relax during the sunny summer months. This enthusiasm can often get the better of us, and we begin work without considering the proper paths and regulations that need to be followed. If you are planning on adding a deck to your home this spring, make sure that you follow this process, or it could end up costing more than it should.


The number one rule is to never begin work on any deck without the proper authorization. Doing so is not only a financial risk but could also prove unnecessarily inconvenient and time-consuming. Building without a permit could land you in hot water with the city, and you will end up with a direct order to stop work immediately. You will then need to comply with all building regulations within a period of 30 days, or you will be forced to demolish the structure. If you begin work on a large deck without the proper authorization, and your initial permit application is denied, you could also be forced to demolish.


Each property is zoned by the local officials, and the zoning determines the rules and regulations that apply. When you hire a professional, you can be sure that you have somebody on your side who understands these rules, and this will ensure that any changes made to your home are completely legal. An expert will need to visit your home, take the necessary measurements, and draft the plans. These plans are then submitted to the building department for approval. Once a permit is issued, work may proceed.


Should you wish to build a deck that is too large according to zoning laws, you will need to allow for more time. This is also a more costly option due to the time and effort involved, but it can be done if desired. Part of this process includes applying for minor variants at the committee of adjustment. This is a lengthy process and similar to most other court hearing.


When building a deck, these detailed plans also serve another purpose. They help ensure that the structure is sound and stable by stipulating how far apart all the building elements need to be. This means that the plans will include detailed measurements from one post to the next, the distances between the beams, the railings, stairs, and connection points with the main building.


It’s important to understand that drafting accurate building plans takes a certain amount of time and, for safety and quality reasons, it’s best to allow a professional this time to perform accurate calculations. The process usually takes approximately a month and a half to complete. This includes taking measurements, making the necessary calculations, completing the drafts, submitting them to the city, and finally getting the permit in your hands.


With Acadia Drafting, each and every one of our clients enjoys the peace of mind that their drawings are all approved by a qualified engineer or somebody with a Building Code Identification Number (BCIN). In other words, we understand just how important even the smallest detail is, and this is why our team works tirelessly to offer precise and accurate building plans and drawings. Remember, if you are planning on building a deck this summer, it’s best to get the ball rolling soon since the city’s authorization alone takes about 10 days! Call our team today for further professional advice and assistance in getting your project off the ground the right way!

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