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Professional CAD Drawing and Drafting

So you or your company need drafts. You want to draw up plans, or create shop drawings, but you don’t employ a CAD technician. Or you have a one-time project that requires software you’re not experienced with.

We can help. We give you the opportunity to have your own drafts person without adding people to your staff. You call us and we provide you with the right specialist to complete your project. You get personalized service, on-time delivery and exceptional results.

We are ACADIA drafting, your one-stop source for all your drafting and CAD needs. We do architectural, working, and presentation drawings for any type of industry or trade.

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Residential, Commercial, Industrial Drafting Services

We are a team of experienced drafters who work with AutoCAD, Revit, SketchUp, 3Ds Max, or just plain old fashioned pencil and paper, depending on what your requirements are. All our drawings are done to code and client specifications – you tell us what you need and we make it happen.

Acadia Drafting can create drafts and drawings for all your CAD needs. Acadia works with:

  • Homeowners and residential renovations
  • Companies who need commercial or industrial plans
  • Manufacturers who need drawings or part details

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Who Our Clients Are:


Home renovations, additions, custom home builds and more. We help homeowners get their building permit fast with a complete set of drawings prepared in-house by our experts.

Commercial Property Owners

We work with restaurant owners, retail store owners, office managers and any other commercial owners to get their building permits approved fast and make their project reality.

Industrial Property Owners

We also specialize in working with all kinds of industrial properties, including distribution centres, warehouses and even grow houses that are sustainable and fully functional.

Contractors and Builders

We work with contractors and builders to ensure any project goes smoothly and the building permits get approved fast. We provide a full range of construction management services.