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Things You Need To Know Before Starting A Home Renovation

  • Posted by: Vova
  • Date: 2023-11-01
  • In:  Acadia Tips

With spring upon us, it’s no surprise that home renovations are at their prime. Especially in a four-season country like Canada. The snow has melted, the weather has warmed, and it is lighter and brighter outside. Home renovations are essentially a vision brought to life. A simple modification can either enhance or completely transform your home. At least when executed properly. As such, here are some things worth knowing before embarking on a home renovation project.

Do Your Research

This one is a no-brainer. Before you start, it’s important to do your research. In this case, it’s not just researching the contractors’ capabilities and company information. It also involves looking at the laws and regulations of where you reside. Regions and municipalities have certain requirements that homeowners must adhere to when doing renovations and construction projects.

Ideally, you want to go with a contractor that’s been recommended by close family or friends. Not only does this make them more trustworthy, but you can also perhaps get some discounts this way. Personal referrals give you peace of mind that even reviews cannot because they come from a trusted source.

Budget Properly
home renovation project

Before you contact contractors, know your budget. This way you will know who to reach out to and no time will be wasted. While contractors give quotes upon inspection and conversation (i.e. your vision), knowing what type of contractor to approach (high-end renovation contractor versus standard renovation contractor) is essential to the success of the project. If you can afford a more expensive contractor – why not spend the extra money for the skill-set? Of course, it is important to bear in mind that a more expensive contractor does not indicate that they are qualified. Again, do your research.

Know What You Want

While we didn’t mention this off the bat, this is the most important aspect of any home renovation. Have a feasible vision. While this ties into doing your research and knowing your budget, knowing what you want out of a home renovation facilitates the entire process in the long-run. It allows you to research the type of laws related to the project and it lets you look at the previous work of your ideal contractors to see if they’re able to bring your specific vision to life. There are obviously many more perks, but knowing what you want is the number one step to the entire project.

Choose the Right Team

It’s no surprise that the right team can make the entire renovation process a breeze. What does that consist of? Of course, a contractor would have a team of builders there to physically construct your vision. However, without a permit, the city could easily tell you to demolish the renovation even after it’s completely finished. Which is something you do not want to happen. It leads to money and time wasted.

At Acadia Drafting, we are a one-stop source for all your drafting and CAD needs. We can even connect you to trusted contractors and builders and manage your project from beginning to end. From drawing up renovation plans to creating shop drawings – our team of expert CAD technicians use their manual and software capabilities to help you attain a permit for your project. We even file the paperwork for you if need be. A free consultation allows us to get a feel of your vision, and in turn we provide you with a competitive quote. Not only will we introduce you to the right specialist – with us, you’re guaranteed to get personalized service, on-time delivery and exceptional results. As the first step in the renovation process, we urge you to give us a call at (647) 478-9292 so that we may help bring your vision to life.

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