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Advice for relocating a bathroom in your home

  • Posted by: Gilmedia
  • Date: 2016-09-15
  • In:  Acadia Tips

When you purchase a home or even when you build it from scratch, there will likely come a time for changes to be made. One of the most common interior renovations involves the relocation or the addition of a new bathroom. No matter which of these two options you are faced with, one thing is for sure – you need to plan every single aspect thoroughly before going ahead with this kind of project. There are two main factors that will play a role in whether or not a particular location is indeed suitable for a bathroom. These are the location of the downpipe in your home and the height of your bathroom fittings.


Every home has a downpipe, and it’s this pipe that is responsible for ensuring that wastewater is safely and effectively transported away from the home and into the main sewerage system. This downpipe will be fitted in such a way that it runs at a downward angle from the home to the sewerage system, and this prevents blockages. This is the largest of all the pipes and your other, smaller tubes from various parts of your home will also connect to this one main pipe. Wherever water goes in, it must come out which means that you will need to consider an water outlet pipe for every tube transporting clean water inside the home. When you add a new toilet, hand basin, shower, bath, or anything involving water, you will need to connect the outlet pipes to the downpipe. Just as your downpipe is run at a downward angle, so too much each of the outlet pipes be run at a sufficient slant to prevent blockages. Remember, your incoming water relies on pressure to make its way up an through the water pipes. Your outgoing water relies on gravity to take it on its way. If your proposed bathroom does not allow for your outgoing pipes to be fitted at the appropriate angle, you will need to rethink your design plans.


Properly arranging all the fittings in your new bathroom is also crucial. For example, your toilet should be located the closest to the downpipe with the bath or shower in close second. You can place your hand basin the furthest away along with any other fittings. Remember, the higher or the further away the fitting, the longer the pipes can travel before they will need to break through the floor.

Once you have a spot in mind, it’s a good idea to have your plan professionally drafted. You might also need to make some electrical changes if you decide that a light switch or another electrical fixture needs to be moved. Consider other important factors like your HVAC system as well as proper ventilation. Once you are happy with the professionally drafted design, you can then take the necessary steps to acquire the proper building permits as well as estimates from various contractors. Remember, professional drafting experts like Acadia Drafting have ample experience and are able to offer excellent advice and solutions to ensure that you make the most of your new bathroom design. Contact us at (647) 478-9292 for more information.


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